Joris Snoek | Founder

In 2004 we started as Lucius Websystems, a web development company that built complex web systems.

To manage these complex projects, we looked for a work management platform, that had to meet our needs:

  • Minimize work-stress and overhead;
  • Usable for small -and medium sized businesses;
  • Affordable;
  • Open source.

This turned out not to exist, so we built it ourselves. After the initial platform we created features for optimizing team performance.

Customers liked our platform: they wanted to use it internally. So we decided to build a public cloud version, that launched in 2009. From that moment on we focused solely on the cloud product that was born, it was called 'OpenLucius' at the time.

In 2017 we re-launched a complete new version and rebranded it to 'Lus'.

Simple, clear and usable

Simple and clear features: Lus must enrich people's lives, not make it more expensive or cumbersome. That's why we'll only build features that are easy to understand and we optimise constantly on usability - fed by customer feedback.

Fed by customer feedback

Lus is fed by customer feedback - we update it monthly. Version 4.0 was released in 2017, we also released that one open source.

Being a Mensch

Being a Mensch is how we roll. We treat customers how we ourselfs want to be treated. We want to enjoy our work, be fit and have a good night's rest.

Our mantra: work dedicated, have fun, don’t be evil, be a mensch, make history. Our characteristics: an ’owners mentality’, no helpers / dolls, freedom and trust, transparency, humans are naturally good, we are at the front line / we are no followers, we only hire people that will make our company better.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Executive Team

Meet our team that makes Lus.

Joris Snoek
Founder & CEO
Erik de Kamps
Lead developer
Rasjaad Basarat
Senior Developer
Stijn Berkers
Senior Developer